Alice 3: Display Other Languages

The Locale setting in Alice 3 


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At this point, your screen should be displayed as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Alice 3 Interactive Development Environment


Set Preferences/Locale

To change the display to Arabic, Spanish or another language, follow these steps (as illustrated in Figure 2):

    1. Select Windows in the menu bar.

    2. Select Preferences.

    3. Select Locale.

    4. Select the language you are interested, (in this example, Spanish).


Figure 2. Selection steps to change the display from English to Spanish


Restart Alice

A popup window, as shown in Figure 3, tells you to exit and restart Alice. Click the OK button.
















Figure 3. Click the OK button to return to Alice IDE.


Some of the display will immediately change to the language you have selected. But to complete the display change, click the Red X button in the upper right of the Alice window, as shown in Figure 4.

















Figure 4. Click X to exit Alice 3


Now, restart Alice 3. You will notice that most information in the display is now in Spanish but some terms and phrases are still in English, as shown in Figures 5 and 6. The translation may look incomplete because the translation is still in progress. However, it is also the case that some terms are keywords in the underlying Java language. Java keywords will not be translated due to their special meaning in Java.















Figure 5. Dialog box – Mostly Spanish, some English





















Figure 6. IDE – mostly Spanish, some English