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How to display Alice 2, Spanish version


Para ver una versión en español de este documento

(To see a Spanish- Language version of this document)




  • If you have not already done so, please download the latest Alice 2.x (English version)




  • Start Alice 2 and select a template from the opening dialog box. In this example, we have selected the green grass/blue sky template but any template will work.


At this point, your screen should be displayed as shown in Figure 1.































Figure 1. Alice 3 Interactive Development Environment


Edit Preferences

To change the display to Spanish, follow these steps, as illustrated in Figure 2.


    1. Select Edit in the menu bar.

    2. Select Preferences.


















Figure 2. Select Edit Preferences


In the popup window, click the display language box and select Spanish from the pull-down menu, as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3. Select Spanish display language


Restart Alice

A popup window, as shown in Figure 4, asks you to Restart Alice.








Figure 4. Click Restart button.


Alice will automatically restart and the display will be in Spanish, as shown in Figures 5 and 6.


Figure 5. Dialog box


Figure 6. IDE


Download Spanish Gallery

By default, the download of Alice 2.x automatically contains the English gallery of 3D models, as shown below in Figure 7.



Figure 7. English gallery


To obtain the Spanish gallery of 3D models, select Ayuda Actualizar el software in the menu bar, as shown in Figure 8.


Figure 8. Select Ayuda Actualizar el software


In the dialog box, check the Descargar la Galeria en Spanish and then click the Actualizar button, as shown in Figure 9.


Figure 9. Descargar la Galeria in Spanish


After downloading the Spanish gallery, you should be able to select the Spanish gallery in Alice, as shown in Figure 10.


Figure 10. Spanish Gallery


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