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This page is currently under construction!


We are currently having problems with our install on some platforms. If you've been redirected here then there's a chance that FFmpeg has not reieved execute permissions. FFmpeg is the program we use to capture frames and sounds from your world and convert them into video files which can be either saved out to disk or uploaded to YouTube.


NOTE: all given file addresses are default directories, if you have installed somewhere else then you must prefix Alice3 with the proper path.


  • On A Mac:

               On a Mac, the file can be found at: 

                    /Applications/Alice \3.app/Contents/Resources/app/platform/macosx/ffmpeg/ffmpeg 


1) Right click on the Alice 3 icon and select Open Package Contents…





















2) Double-click on Contents

3) Double-click on Resources

4) Double-click on app

5) Double-click on platform

6) Double-click on macosx

7) Double-click on ffmpeg


Right-click on the ffmpeg file, select Get Info…  and set the permissions as shown in the second screen shot. You will have to click on the lock icon and enter your admin password to change the permissions settings…



    •  or you can simply copy the below command below

                    chmod a+x /Applications/Alice \3.app/Contents/Resources/app/platform/macosx/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

               assuming Alice was downloaded to the default directory.




  • On Windows:

                On a PC the file can be found at C:/Program Files/Alice 3/platform/win64/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

               you can fix this by:

      • RightClick->properties
      • click Edit...
      •  At the bottom uncheck "Read" and "Read & execute" from the deny list
    • Or in cm:
      • icacls C:\Program Files\Alice3\ext\ffmpeg\windows\bin\ffmpeg.exe /grant [$YOUR USERNAME HERE]:(F) 
  • On Linux:

              install FFmpeg



If these solutions do not help, please submit a bug in alice: Help->Report a Bug

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