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Online_Installer_for Alice_3

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In most cases the online installer is the preferred method of installation: 


Online installer

The preferred method for installation on a single machine having a broadband internet connection is with the On-Line Installer.


The On-line Installer automatically activates a wizard that downloads files one at a time, as needed, to complete the installation. On broadband connections, this process typically takes 10 – 30 minutes, depending on the speed of the connection.



    • Small file size for initial download

    • Only pulls what is needed to install or upgrade from an older version of Alice 3.


    • Requires an internet connection to continually download components during install


Go to the appropriate section for instructions on downloading Alice 3 for your machine




Installation for Windows 


Click this link to download the latest version of the Alice 3 software


Installation for Mac OS X


Click this link to download the latest version of the Alice 3 software 


Installation for Linux


Click the download button for the appropriate platform (Windows, Mac, or Linux). 


See this page for network installation instructions 


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