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Alice 3_1 Known Bugs

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This page will continue to be updated. Any suggestions for questions to be included are welcome. Send your thoughts to Suggestions


  • Alice does not run after being installed, or the installer does not work on the system.


In this case, we recommend these steps:


    1. Download the universal zip version of Alice 3.1 to the desktop.
    2. Unzip on the desktop.
      1. Windows machines: Move the unzipped folder (containing all of Alice) to the Program Files (X86) folder on the C:\ drive.
      2. Mac OS X: Move the unzipped folder to the desired location on your computer  
    3. Create a shortcut
      1. Windows: on the desktop to Alice3.bat (for Alice 3.1).
      2. Mac OS X: Drag the Alice start up icon to the Dock (this should still leave the Alice startup icon in the unzipped folder) 
      3. Alternatively, you can try running from an executable. Alice does not currently ship with an exe by default but can be added manually:
        1. First download the zip here: http://help.alice.org/w/file/Alice3.zip 
        2. Extract the two files (.exe and .ini extensions) and add them to the Alice3 folder next to where the batch is.
        3. Double click Alice3.exe
    4. Click the shortcut to start Alice.


By way of explanation: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X 10.8 all have strengthened their malware protection schemes that resists installing non-standard software directly on the hard drive. The best way we have found to work within this protection scheme is to unzip the Alice download on the desktop and then move it to the hard drive.



  • "Java not found" error message
    • We are getting reports from people in which they are receiving a "Java not found" error message when they try to install and / or run Alice 3.1, and they have Java installed on their machine. If this happens to you, it will be very helpful if you perform the following steps:


      1. Go to the command line on your machine.
        1. Windows: Start Menu -> Run -> cmd)
        2. Mac OS X: Applications -> Terminal 
      2. type "java -version" (without the quotes).
      3. Copy and paste what is displayed and send it to us…
      4. If you get a message indicating that the system does not recognize the command, the path to Java may not be set correctly.


    • On Windows machines, when trying to install Alice, some have experienced a "java not found" error message, even after installing the latest Java SDK… You may need to set the Java class path variable on your system.


See the following link:




There is a difference between the Java JDK, which you need for Alice, and the Java JRE. Make sure that you have installed the JDK.



  • Installing Alice 3.1 on some networked systems - being actively investigated; this is our highest priority - one suggestion:
    • Alice 3 is trying to create an Alice3 directory in the user's directory, and if Alice3 has been installed once, for the admin for example, then this Alice3 directory might only be located in that directory.
    • Something to try would be to copy the Alice3 directory form the admin home directory, and then paste it in each students own local home directory. I have attached a screen shot that shows my home directory in a Finder window, and my Alice3 directory.
    • You really do not even need to copy this directory, but have each student create an Alice3 directory in their home directory, and then create the two subdirectories in Alice3, MyClasses and MyProjects. Be sure that capitalization and lack of spaces is exactly the same.  


  • Sound-related
    • Alice can play most but not all mp3 and wav files




Go to Alice.org home page


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