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Download and Install Plugin

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Download and Install the Alice 3 Plugin for NetBeans


The Alice 3 plugin is only needed by those who are transitioning from Alice 3 to Java using NetBeans. The instructions below assume that NetBeans has previously been installed on the computer.



Download the plugin

To download the plugin, go to the alice.org website at:





Or access the page through the Get Alice area of the website navigation


NetBeans plugin download link


The NetBeans plugin should download quickly. Make sure that the downloaded file is named with a .nbm filename extension (not .zip). Internet Explorer, Safari, and some other browsers tend to change the .nbm filename extension to .zip and then the downloaded file is not recognized as a NetBeans plugin. If this happens on your computer, simply replace the .zip filename extension with .nbm to restore the file to its original name.


With each new release/update of Alice 3, the plugin is also updated. So, be sure to check that the version of Alice 3 installed on your machine is the same as the version of the plugin. In other words, Alice 3 and the plugin must have the same version number. For example, the plugin download shown in the figure, below, is for Alice 3, version Check the version of Alice 3 installed on your computer to determine which version of Alice 3 you have on your computer before installing a plugin for NetBeans.



Plugin on the download page is for the latest version of Alice 3


If you need an older version of the plug in to match the version of Alice you are using you can find archived plug-ins at the bottom of the download page in the Archived NetBeans Plug In accordion.  We do suggest when possible that you update to the newest version of Alice and the plug in to get all of our latest bug fixes and features. 



Installing Alice Plugin in NetBeans


Start NetBeans. In the menu bar, select Tools: Plugins, as shown.


Select Plugins in Tools menu


In the Plugins dialog box, click on the Downloaded tab and then click the Add Plugins… button, as shown.


Downloaded tab and Add Plugins… button


Use the pop-up navigation box to locate the Alice3ProjectWizard3.1 file (the previously downloaded plugin file), as shown. Then click OK.


Navigate to downloaded plugin file


The Plugins box will now show that the Alice 3 Project Wizard plugin file has been selected. Click the Installbutton, as shown.




NetBeans will now install the plugin. It is okay to click the continue button if a warning window appears to tell you that this plugin is not yet "signed". (The plugin will be signed, eventually.)


Plugin not signed warning box


Restart NetBeans


After the Alice plugin is successfully installed, go to File | New Project. Use the "Java Project from Existing Alice Project", shown below, to find your Alice project and then the Alice project will be converted to a NetBeans project.






Go to Alice.org home page





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