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Netbeans Download

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Downloading NetBeans 7.2




Alice 3 is designed to work with NetBeans 7.2 as the Java Interactive Development Environment (IDE). The software is free and available from:




Be sure to select the download in the column labeled JavaSE, as shown.


Downloading NetBeans 7.2



To install NetBeans, double-click on the downloaded file. A NetBeans wizard will open and guide the user through the process. An icon will be created on the desktop, as a shortcut for starting NetBeans.


Java JDK

If you get a message indicating that you need to install the Java Development Kit (JDK) then install the JDK before completing the installation of NetBeans. See Java JDK Installation.


Set preferences

Once installed, start NetBeans and set the editor preferences. We recommend setting NetBeans preferences so that Alice 3’s auto-generated code is collapsed by default. Collapsing auto-generated code reduces clutter and makes it easier to focus on individual pieces of the project, one at that time. (This is a one-time setting that does not have to be repeated unless unset by updates or reinstallation of NetBeans.)


The menu bar for NetBeans has some variations, depending on the operating system of the computer (PC, Mac, or Linux). On a Windows or a Linux system, select the Tools menu and then the Options menu item, as shown.



Select Options in Tools menu, on PC Windows & Linux systems


On a Mac system, select the NetBeans menu and then the Preferences menu item, as shown.


Select Preferences in NetBeans menu, on Mac systems


Regardless of whether the system is PC or Mac, an Options window pops up. In the Options window, select Editor in the toolbar (at the top of the Options window) and then click the General tab, as shown in Figure D.4.


Recommended preferences include: Use Code Folding and Collapse: Methods, Inner Classes, and Imports. To enable a preference, click in the respective check boxes, as shown. Then click OK to close the Options window.


Set Code editor preferences in NetBeans



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