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Download And Install

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How to download and install Alice 3




Downloading Alice 3

Installing Alice 3

Starting Alice 3

Welcome Dialog Box




Minimum system requirements

Note: The Alice installer makes use of the Java SDK, not the Java JRE. If the Alice installer indicates the Java SDK has not been installed, then see these instructions for downloading and installing the Java SDK. If working on a networked system, ask the system administrator to install the SDK.


Java Installation


Downloading Alice 3 

The www.alice.org homepage includes a Downloads menu Get Alice, . Click on Get Alice on the side bar, as shown. Select the version of Alice you wish to download .


Downloads menu on www.alice.org


Installing Alice 3


Locate the downloaded Alice 3 installer:

After downloading Alice 3, locate the downloaded file on your system.




Apple OS X:



Double-click this disk image to see the Apple OS X installer




the Linux shell script does not start the installer right away. Follow these steps:


            1. Open the Terminal, and go to the directory where you have downloaded Alice
            2. Type chmod +x Alice3_unix_Offline_3_2_5_0_0.sh
            3. Type ./Alice3_unix_Offline_3_2_5_0_0.sh
            4. Installation will start in a few seconds



NOTE:  Your operating system may display a message that you are attempting to run / launch an unrecognized application. In that case refer to the following appropriate link for your system


For windows 10

For windows 7

Apple OS X



Launch the installer

Double-click Alice 3 Installer

You may see the following message box:



Select the language

You will be prompted to select your language.



Click OK to continue


Welcome Screen

If this is the first installation of Alice on this computer, you will see the following welcome screen




If you are updating Alice from a previous version, you will be given the option to do a clean installation or an update.



Click Next to continue


Alice 3 License

Read the license agreement before continuing 



Click Next to continue


File Associations

You will be asked if you want to set up File Associations for Alice, so that if you double-click an Alice Project icon, Alice will launch your project.



Click Next to continue


Select the destination for the Alice application on your System

If you indicated that you would like to install Alice in another location besides the Default location, you will be asked to accept the default or choose another location for the Alice 3 application.



Click Next to continue


Alice will then be installed on your system



When installation is complete

You should see the following dialog box



Click Finish 




Starting Alice 3


The first time you try to run Alice on your computer, the security settings of your computer may not recognize Alice and Alice will not run. 


Mac OS X

Right-Click on the icon, and from the menu, select Open. You will then see a dialog box that indicates that Alice is an unrecognized application and will ask you if your still want to open it. Click on Open. Alice will run normally after this first attempt.


Windows 10

Right clicking the file icon and select the option to run as an administrator (even if your account has administrative privileges.) Once permission is given Alice will  run normally.


After Alice starts...

Find the Alice 3 startup icon on your system, and start Alice by double-clicking on it.


When Alice starts, a Welcome dialog box is displayed, as shown below. The Welcome dialog box has four tabs and the Templates tab is automatically selected. Choose any one of the templates or click on one of the other tabs to select a previously written Alice project.


The red X message in the bottom left of the window is a warning message that indicates a template or a previous project must be selected in this window in order to display a scene. If the Cancel button in the dialog box is clicked without selecting a template or a previously written project, Alice will close the Welcome dialog box without displaying the Code editor. To reopen the Welcome dialog box, click File in the menu bar at the top left of the Alice window and select New from the menu.





















Welcome dialog box


Upon successful selection of a template, Alice will display the selected template scene in the upper left corner of the Code Editor, as shown. (The display may vary somewhat, but the basic organization should be the same.)

























Start Screen, Code Editor


Troubleshooting: PC display driver updates


If Alice does not start or if the templates are not properly displayed, the display driver on the computer system may need to be updated. For Windows PC users, we advise updating the display driver directly from the display card manufacturer website (rather than using Windows Update). See the following instructions.


 Updating video drivers.


Links to other resources found in this document


The Alice home page
Minimum system requirements
Java Installation
Updating Video Drivers






Go to Alice.org home page




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