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Mavericks on Mac OS - Installation Notes (redirected from Gatekeeper on Mac OS 10_8)

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Mac OS: Java may need to be reinstalled


After the upgrade / installation to Mavericks, any versions of Java that were previously installed on the machine will be lost, and will have to be re-installed in order to run Alice 3. See the following page for instructions to install Java in OS X.


Installing Java for Mac OS X


Mac OS Installation Notes - Alice will not install after download


One of the major changes in the macOS Sierra  is that Apple has changed the settings for running downloaded apps. If you really need to run that app the settings are found in the General tab of the Security & Privacy system preference.


The major change is in the settings found in the General tab of the Security & Privacy system preference. Apple has removed the Anywhere setting, (see image below). If you had this setting selected in earlier versions of the MacOS and you’ve upgraded to Sierra, you won’t be able to open downloaded apps like you’re used to.



A quick summary of how to now run Alice the first time in Sierra: 


  1. After you download the app and move it to your Applications folder, right-click on it and select Open.
  2. After you select Open, you will see a warning that's similar to the one below. Click OK to open the app.


Sierra adds the developer to its internal list of identified developers so you can open other apps from the same developer. 


Also note that this behavior has not been seen on all installations of the Mac OS, particularly when Alice has previously been installed on the machine.


For more information, please visit: 




Add an object generates  "No capabilities to set transparency attributes" error message.


Download the latest version of Alice, then delete your .alice2 folder from your user directory C:/users/<username> (Windows), or your Home directory (OS X and Linux) and try loading Alice again. Alice is trying to render the objects using the Java 3D renderer rather than the default DirectX or JOGL renderer.


Installation generates

"the required file "Alice Style.py" in ".... Alice 2.5 \ Required \ resources \ Engish" could not be found."

error message 


This bug is generated from how the OS displays the default or English language, and if the language preference setting for your machine is not English.


For example, in a German OS language default setting, English is Englisch, so Alice will look for the /Resources/Englisch folder rather than the Resources/English folder. The can be fixed fixed by renaming the English folder to Englisch.


For the Windows version of Alice 2: 

  1. Open the Required folder in the Alice 2 folder in Program Files 
  2. Open the Resource folder
  3. Rename the English folder. 


For the Mac OS X version of Alice 2: 

  1. Right-click on the Alice 2 application icon in the Applications folder 
  2. Open the Contents folder 
  3. The Required folder in the Contents folder
  4. Open the Resource folder
  5. Rename the English folder. 




I cannot see Alice installer after download.



Go to Finder: Preferences and make sure that you have these settings…



If you do have these settings, download the Universal .zip version by right-clicking on the download link, saving it to your desktop and unzip it. This is a complete Alice package, not an installer, and you should be able to move it to any location on your system.


Alice 2.x needs Java legacy edition in order to run 


When trying to run Alice after installing a new version of the Mac OS, you may see the following dialog box:


Click on the More Info... Button or go to the following link at Apple and download and install this security update for Java.  Upon reboot, you should be able to launch Alice 2 just fine. 







Go to Alice.org home page


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