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Release Notes Alice 3_1

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Alice 3.1 Release Notes

Originally, Alice 3 was expected to replace Alice 2. This plan has been restructured. We are now providing an Alice Suite of tools composed of both Alice 2 and Alice 3.  Alice 2 and accompanying instructional materials will now be targeted to middle school and lower high school levels.  Alice 3 and accompanying instructional materials will now be primarily targeted to high school and early college levels with support for transition to a production level language, such as Java.


5/1/2014 - v


  • There is a Java display setting in Preferences to allow a user to see the corresponding Java code when an Alice tile is placed in the code editor  
  • There is now a complete Spanish and Arabic language representation in Alice 3, available in the Alice 3 Preferences setting 
  • Now runs with Java 8
    • By using lambdas in Java 8, the do-together, do-all-together, and event-handling constructs that required the use of anonymous inner classes in the Java representation of an Alice project is greatly simplified. 
  • Event handling continues tobe refined and improved
  • Numerous bug fixes 


8/14/2012 - v.


  • Alice 3.1 will not import worlds or objects created in Alice 2.x, nor will it open worlds created in AliceBeta3.0.x.x.

  • A frequent cause of problems on Windows machines is out-of-date video drivers. This problem is recognizable  when a red-screen occurs in the scene view or in the run-time window. See the following link for instructions on updating the video drivers of your machine. Updating Video Drivers

  • The Intel Integrated chipset that is found on many notebook, netbook, and other machines has trouble trying to run Alice 3.x. Some higher-end Vista machines have also had difficulties. Decreasing hardware acceleration or decreasing color resolution (from 32 bit to 16 bit) has sometimes been helpful. See also the document on updating video drivers. Updating Video Drivers

  • Alice 3.1 will run on some netbook computers, albeit very slowly and verging on the painful. We have taken strides to get Alice to run on netbooks, but the unfortunate fact is that the graphics capabilities are simply not up to snuff for delivering 3D content. With that said, as netbooks continue to improve and Alice gets more efficient, we expect performance to improve.

  • Alice will not run on smartphone/tablet/portable device/gaming consoles.

  • OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) has a new feature (Gatekeeper) that prevents apps from being opened. This has been a problem for installing Alice 3 on some (but not all) OS X Mountain Lion systems. To allow apps to run on the operating system, change the Gatekeeper option by going to Apple menu > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab and then changing the Allow applications downloaded from: option to Anywhere. See the following document for more information. Gatekeeper on Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8)






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