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Alice 3 editor layout

Page history last edited by Gabe Yu 13 years, 8 months ago

Alice has two main editors -- the code editor and the scene layout editor.  Combined, they allow you to layout your scene with our library of 3D objects, and then build animations and interactive content.


Code Editor


For convention we break down the code editor layout into 4 regions:



The Scene view is a window displaying your 3D scene.  Any objects you have added will be viewable (or not, depending on where they are positioned in the camera view).  This window is interactive.  Selected objects can be repositioned via dragging them with your mouse, and the camera can be moved with the 4-way arrow buttons located in the bottom-center of the window.


In addition, you can play back your program by clicking the "Run" button.


Lastly, you can jump to the Scene layout editor by clicking the yellow "Edit Scene" link.  This editor provides a larger scene view and more advanced controls to manipulate your scene and the objects in it, in addition to object gallery access.  You can read more about this on the Alice 3 scene layout page.


The Methods panel lists all procedures, functions and properties the selected object can do.  In other words, this area contains all the built-in and user-defined behaviors and settings you can access for each object in your scene.  You can choose which object is active by selecting it from the "instance" drop down list, located at the top of the panel.  If you would like further control over what part of the object you are manipulating, you can select an object subpart, such as an arm or a leg.


The Control tiles region displays ...

The specific tiles include:

do in order



for each in


do together

each in together

do in thread



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